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The new trend in disseminating academic knowledge by means of online and mobile learning platforms has become more and more pervasive around the world, especially in the United States. E-learning and mobile platforms provide varieties of high-quality lectures presented by leading researchers and educators from well-known institutions have become freely available or at affordable cost to students at all levels, and to life long learners. Why don’t we follow this trend and take advantage of these educational materials? These questions came to our mind in May 2008 when we started an IT seminar in Data Warehouse techniques in San Diego, California.


In February 18th, 2009, we, a few college instructors and Information Technology (IT) students of IT department at Nong Lam University HCM City with the assistance of a technical advisor, proposed a plan to initiate a series of lectures about Data Warehouse techniques, Web Service, XML, AJAX, and Enterprise Application. Our original aim was to extend IT elective courses. This project adopted the name, ECEP-IT (the Elective Courses for IT Extension Program). Later, we expanded ECEP-IT program to other fields of studies, and renamed it as ECEP (The Elective Courses for Extension Program).


By the end of 2012, ECEP designed a series of IT lectures and supported more than forty IT college senior theses in Data Warehouse, Web Services.


In early 2013, the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, noticeably, from Coursera, Edx, Udacity, introduced many high-quality online courses to the public. These freely available courses were followed by tens of millions of people in over one hundred countries worldwide. However, in Viet Nam, MOOC is not widely known. ECEP, therefore, extends our original goal with new slogan: "We Bring the MOOCs to You". Since October 2013, ECEP has collected video lectures from Coursera, Youtube, MIT Open Courseware, Open Yale courses, Webcast Berkeley, etc. And we built a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) along with web and mobile applications to support both trainers and learners.


Currently, we have completed a website (ECEP Virtual Campus) and ilearn application prototypes on iOS and Android. We are looking for ways to improve our platforms, development methodologies, learning contents. Your expertise, critiques, supports, and contributions will be most welcome esp. in the areas of English to Vietnamese translation, organization of specializations, collecting and evaluating learning materials, constructing curriculum for K-12, etc. Please tell us your information here.

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